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Kinesiology is a great blend of techniques based on Chinese energy principles, NLP, age-recess healing, acupressure, alternative energy healing techniques and many more. Your body is continuously communicating to your brain and visa versa, its needs via the nervous system and neural pathways. The brain controls the body and its muscles. By instructing your brain to communicate via a muscle, known as muscle testing, the brain can then indicate stresses in the body as feedback. The muscle indicates what will weaken your energy and body and what will strengthen it. By then asking the body to indicate where the imbalances are in the body, mind or energy system due to emotional or physical stress, we can then balance it and bring the body back into alignment. Once you are in alignment, it becomes easier to feel more focused, passion, drive, creativity, performance and to take action and get results. We can remove stress around moving forward in life, work stress, family stress, body stress or pain in the body.

Kim Lewis-Williams Kinesiologist Real Talk SABC 3 Interview

Kim Lewis-Williams Specialised Kinesiology Featured on Real Talk SABC 3

I absolutely loved the experience of featuring on Real Talk SABC 3 to talk about the benefits of Energy Kinesiology within the alternative healing field. What a beautiful show and people! Thanks for having me! Check out the video below.

Recently I was invited onto Real Talk SABC 3 to chat about Specialised Kinesiology and the benefits within alternative healing. As you can imagine, the thought of being on tv for the first time was daunting. Donovan Rabie took me through a powerful hypnotherapy session of the the event in my mind from start to finish, seeing it going off without a hitch and being truly successful. And without a doubt it was! I was steady, well spoken and comfortable. Thanks to Donovan Rabie, I was well prepared and loved every minute of the experience! Hypnotherapy & Kinesiology are both powerful alternative healing therapies and compliment each other so beautifully!

What Is Kinesiology?

Think of yourself as a computer. By tapping into the 'hardware' of your sub-conscious and conscious mind to see what is not functioning optimally and what it then needs to balance or correct itself. I then trigger your body or mind into deep and lasting changes and imprint or anchor new ways of feeling or being with Kinesiology Corrections.

Muscles are used as the biofeedback indicating mechanisms that respond on behalf of all the other systems in your body. By asking your mind, body and energy via muscle testing the integrity of body and energy systems when thinking of stress, a goal in mind or something we would like to work through or achieve.

Real Talk Alternative Healing

SAFTA award-winning talk show presented by Azania Mosaka, featuring social commentary on current, cultural & lifestyle topics. 6-7pm daily on SABC 3, repeats daily at 9am. #RealTalkOn3

Beautiful Collaborations of Healing, Love & Sharing:

Yo Coco Ice-Cream & Kinesiology

Yo Coco Says: On our stories we said we'd share more on what serving love means and what the chakra part is about. So Yococo started in November 2016 and it came at a time when I wasn't sure what my purpose was and I felt that gap in my life. So I seeked help from a Kinesiologist, Kim Lewis-Williams. Through that I was able to heal my soul and learn more about my chakra's and how that plays a role in my decisions. My purpose is to serve love and I love ice cream so that's how I put the two together. Colour is part of healing and when I make the ice cream I keep this in mind. That's how I loosely base the flavours on the chakra's through the symbolism of colour. As time has gone by I have incorporated different flavours as part of serving love. I hope each time you have Yococo you feel the love I pour into each tub. ❤