Distance Dark Energy Clearing

Clearing People, Homes, Animals of Dark Energy

I believe that we are masters of our own destiny and that we must take full responsibility for our lives and work through our limitating beliefs, victimhood and sometimes feelings of not being capable or beliefs that we cannot be successful or excel.

But sometimes there is what we believe to be external forces that can attach to our energy field and drain us of vital energy or even deplete us so much that we feel blocked to move forward, that something is creating bad luck patterns or scenarios.

I am able to clear spaces, people and animals of dark energy. This is not nececcesrily Demon possession and I do not do exorcisms. Possession is something that should be done in person by an experienced practitioner.

Dark energy is simply a lost energy that is stuck in a fear based reality that feeds off higher energy dimensional beings in order to find sustinance. This Being/Dark energy will assist in triggering disempowered, stuck, low energy ways of thinking and feeling such as fear and anxiety in order to keep you in a space that is ideal for itself.

Where can dark energy come from?

  • Generational curses from ritualistic practices
  • Dark Magic or witchcraft practices that are directed at others
  • Evil intent or jelousy directed at a soul
  • A weak unprotected aura that is low in self-esteem, self-protection.
  • An addiction such as alcohol or drugs which can leave a person vulnerable to attachment
  • Low energy foods that have died in a painful and fearful way such as an abboitair and is consumed by a human
  • Self-induced magic practices that have opened 'doors' for attachment
  • Being overwhelmed in a space that leaves your physical body open for attachment
  • Being in a house or environment where they are present and having one attach to you.

How do you know if you have dark energy around you?

Symptoms include nightmares, waking up in early hours of the morning, headaches, seeing shadows, feeling fearful, stuck, stagnant, depressed and despondent. *Disclaimer* - If the headaches, waking up, nightmares all stop but you still feel depressed or despondant, that means you were a good candidate to begin with and need to work through your own personal development of growth and empowerment in order to raise your vibrational state of feeling and thinking. This will help get your general state of mind, body and energy into a space of self-protection, strenght and will, feeling capable and motivated. There are many ways to do this, through the use of kinesiology, pyscycology, meditation, other healing modalities and hypnosis. If you need further help or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How do I clear it on your behalf?

By connecting with your energy, and getting permission, I am able to detach and clear dark energy from your physical and astral bodies. They are often connected via chords, chains, hooks in the energy realm to you and can be cleared away from an empowered space of love and trust. To be alive is to consume and these beings are no different. I simply detach the darkness with strong intent and assistance of the my higher self and other beings that would like to assist that are of the highest vibration.

What info will I receive after a clearing

You will receive a short breakdown of what was attached to you. Where it came from and how to protect yourself further.

Session Info

Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes
Price: R850 per clearing
Paypal payment is available for international distance clearings

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