What is Aura Cleansing?

The aura is an egg shaped field of energy around the body and contains all the colours of the rainbow.  The first layer is Red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then indigo, then violet.  Each pertains to different parts of the aura.

Red is connected to the Etheric Body. Orange is for the Emotional body. Yellow is for the Mental body, Green is for the Higher Mental Body, Blue is the spiritual body, Indigo is for the Casual Body and Violet is for the Ketheric Body.

Everyone's aura is constantly changing depending on their mood, health, thoughts and level of spiritualism. It can expand to fill a room or it can be pulled in close to the body like a protective shield.  This expansion and contraction of the aura means that we can pick up information from the auras of people around us.
Our energy bodies span out quite far from our bodies depending on the amount of energy we are holding and how we are feeling. We are also in other peoples aura spaces most of the time. If our own energy system is not strong due to various reasons such as protection, food we are eating, water consumption, emotional depletion, entity attachment. Depletions of energy can also be a cause of emotional discomfort, physical pain, illness, stiffness, feeling negative, feeling down, depressed, angry, anxious, jealous and much more. If we can strengthen our own energy and learn what is ours, we can then 'give back' what is not ours and also not let others attach lower vibrational needs, controls or manipulations on us. We can also put up healthy boundaries so that others do not drain our energy. We can then also take responsibility for our energy field and not 'give' our energy away unconsciously by being all things to all people, carrying others burdens or taking on others responsibilities in order to cushion or save them in some way.

Old Patterns = Old Energy

Our patterns, beliefs, emotions and awareness all sit in different parts of the aura and their corresponding ‘physical’ aspect sits in the body.  If there is impairment in the aura, if left unresolved, this can slowly ripple down to the body and cause an impaired manifestation in the body.  Fuzzy or impaired energy may attract imbalanced situations like small accidents or unexplained injuries. 

On an emotional and mental level, like-vibrations will attract and so if there is a undesirable energy pattern, it will always draw to you, the like-situations, probably the very situation you try and avoid or ask yourself ‘Why does this keep happening’?

By running universal energy through your system, we are able to ‘unblock’ or ‘push out’ the unwanted old stagnant energy and replace it with neutral energy.  This leaves you feeling lighter and able to move past the old patterns in a healthy way that you choose.

Session Info

Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes
Price: R550 per session

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