Kinesiology Balance

Through Kinesiology we can take a look at our subconscious programming or feelings, based on our early experiences in childhood or from defining moments in our lives. We can discover what patterns drive our decision-making and give us our lifes results... Read More

Chakra Balancing

Chakras can be spinning too fast or too slow. The chakras may be distorted, out of alignment or even stagnant. When this happens, life force energy cannot flow in and out freely and we feel like we are blocked. Each chakra is intimately connected via other energy systems in your body such as meridians, acupressure points, organs, tissues, muscles and cells... Read More

Aura Cleansing
& Energy Clearing

Our energy bodies span out quite far from our bodies depending on the amount of energy we are holding and how we are feeling. We are also in other peoples aura spaces most of the time. If our own energy system is not strong due to various reason such as protection, food we are eating, water consumption, emotional depletion, entity attachment... Read More

Lymph Node Massage - Ladies Only

If your lymphatic's are feeling sluggish or sore when touched then a lymph node drainage massage will greatly benefit you. Get your lymphatic system flowing again. Should our lymphatic's not be functioning properly, you may feel sluggish and tired and your body essentially cannot get rid of the toxins through lymphatic system... Read More

Acupressure Massage - Ladies Only

Based on the ancient chinese method of acupuncture, acupressure uses the same meridian, Neuro Vascular, Neuro-Lymphatic, Neuro-Emotional Points using moderate pressure to release blocked energy. Running energy through your meridians also releases any stuck energy... Read More

Reiki Energy Healing

This energy can be found in many ways in order to replenish yourself.  Reiki is one of those ways. By channeling universal energy, the Reiki Practitioner is able to facilitate the flow of energy in and around a person. We have the power to heal our own lives... Read More

Tarot Card Readings

As humans we are able to find the exact message we need at the exact right time if we are connected to spirit and our higher being. Using tarot card we can ask our higher selves a question and get feedback from the information within the cards... Read More

Personality Numerology

A very exciting way to see your personality from a numerology perspective. It is truly revealing and gives your a deeper understanding of yourself and if done for the whole family, for employee's or friends, it can help you to understand where the person is coming from and assist the dynamics... Read More

Family Dynamics & Generation Healing

Our biggest Karma is often times our family. We often don't fit into our family or cant see why you are suited to that particularly family. By understanding generation 'stuff', we can free ourselves from repeating their patterns. By looking at our parents overall 'theme' we can take our soul lesson from the two and integrate it for our purpose... Read More

Flower Essences

The mighty power of flower essences bring vibrational healing to a person. Lifting the persons energy up to match the frequency of the flower. When we vibrate at higher levels, our bodies are activated to automatically heal themselves... Read More

Colour & Sound Therapy

Using the power of colour and the emotions it brings forth, colour can be truly transformational. Our bodies also respond beautifully to sound and the vibration of specific sounds can have a wonderful impact on your energy or physical bodies... Read More

Pet Surrogate Healing

How can we find out what is going on with our pets? what is their behaviour trying to tell us? How do I know what is going on with my dog/cat/horse/pet? Is your animal not being itself, feeling down, something wrong? Often times we are not sure what is happening with our pets... Read More

Distant Energy & Negative Energy Clearing of people & Homes

Clearing energy over distance is no harder than clearing it in person. Distance Energy Healing for Homes and People... Read More