Our biggest Karma is often our family. We often don't fit into our family dynamic or cant see why we are suited to that particularly family. By understanding generational 'stuff', we can free ourselves from repeating their patterns. By looking at our parents overall 'theme' we can take our soul lesson from the two and integrate it for our purpose. It is always hidden in plain sight.

By looking at loss in the family with regards to young babies, miscarriages or termination, we often do not honour the child in the sense of its rightful place in the family and this may cause a first-born for instance to energetically play out first-born roles but is actually a second child due to a miscarriage and authentically needs the 'permission' to take on their true role as second born and have the personality traits accordingly.

This is when our souls can act and react to our true souls purposes. Numerology for personalities may also help the family understand each other better. Balancing each person in the family to be whole and not 'suck energy' from each other or rely on their 'control dramas' for attention and energy.

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