Higher-Self Knowledge

As humans we are able to find the exact message we need at the exact right time if we are connected to spirit and our higher being. Using tarot card we can ask our higher selves a question and get feedback from the information within the cards. It is hugely accurate and often 'aha' moments occur when the information comes through as it is simply a mirror to where we are at or what we are working on in our lives.

Tarot Card Readings are a great way to find out what energetic vibration we are currently sending out. In other words, what are our current thoughts, feelings, patterns or signals that we are sending out to be brought back to us. We are constantly sending out our life's requests or lessons via our vibration, whether we deem it negative or positive.

We can also look at past patterns and circumstances and also future based questions. The way it works is by asking your higher self for an answer around a topic, you can then see the answer in a 'mirror' that is a tarot card. We are all knowing beings and know the answer to every possible question about ourselves and our circumstances. By asking the question, the tarot cards reveal that which will help us the most in shifting past old patterns that no longer serve us or shifting to where we would like to be with ourselves or life circumstances.

Bringing Awareness To The Forefront

Tarot Reading Cards are awareness cards. They are deeply insightful and bring forth the awareness that we need to gain around a situation in order to bring clarity. They will reveal our subconscious and conscious thoughts around a situation. They will also show us what our past was bringing us around a situation and also what our future will bring. The Tarot Cards reveal what we are currently attracting and what we will attract in the future. They are extremely helpful in the way that as soon as awareness and "AHA" moments bring clarity to a situation, we can then take steps in order to head in the right direction. By changing our thoughts, actions and vibration energetically, we can then attract a new and better circumstance. This can assist your understanding of yourself and your being in a profound way. Ask the big life questions or simply for clarity around your life situations.

Session Info

Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes
Price: R550 per session
Distance Tarot Card Readings is available if you are not in Johannesburg.

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