How can we find out what is going on with our pets? What is their behaviour trying to tell us? Is your animal not being itself, feeling down, or is something wrong? What are they trying to tell us? Are they taking on and carrying our energetic ‘stuff’ or stress for us? Often times we are not sure what is happening with our pets. What they are feeling and if they are in pain.

What Is Going On With My Pet?

As pet owners, we are very closely aligned to our pets energetically. They are integrated into our energy fields. Through the use of surrogating and muscle testing, we can connect to their energy fields and get responses as to what is going on with them. We surrogate their energy in our own energy field so that our muscle responses are on behalf of them. Their own feelings and experiences can then be indicated to us. We can then balance your own body on their behalf. This process is extremely effective, very revealing and are able to spot emotions and issues as their way of telling us what they usually wouldn’t be able to. As we balance your body, they are immediately balanced too. Once we have balanced your pets imbalances and energy blockages, we then ask your self to be 100% you again. This process is deeply powerful.

Should your pet have gone through a trauma, been ill, had a tough start in life or simply not being themselves, surrogating for a pet can be a great communicative tool between pet and owner as to what is going on with them. There is always balance and improvements seen almost immediately.

I recently lost a loving pet after 18.5 years of being with us. Our other little doggie was very sad after the loss and whilst we grieved heavily, we also brought in another little rescue doggie into the home. The little boy Tommy did not fully accept the newbie and was stand offish and cold. After doing a surrogate session, it came out that he felt that our behaviour was reckless and that he did not have enough sympathy around the situation. He also felt rigid in allowing this new little doggie into his heart. After having a few blockages removed, that evening the change was wonderful. They played for the first time and you could see him accepting her more into his heart. The process is wonderful and can be deeply shifting for your pet.

Happy Clients
  • Our cat Nala started behaving strangely after she had a traumatic experience. She was afraid and nervous all the time. Kim is compassionate and genuinely cared about helping Nala. I noticed a change in Nala from the very next day and today she has gone from strength to strength. Thank you Kim!

  • I just wanted to say another BIG thank you ... last night was our first thunder storm since the Molly session and she was so much better, she only paced once and growled and barked twice it was amazing.... even Jimmy is amazed. I deem you the #dogwhisperer ❤💙

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Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes
Price: R550 per session

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