In a society that often tells us to put others first, be considerate, help your fellow man etc, we are often projecting that everyone else is more important than ourselves, or our own needs and desires... Read More

10 Traits of Confident People

To an outsider it always seems that some people are born with confidence. As if it's in their DNA. Nothing can be further from the truth however. Confidence is a learned skill which comes with practice and determination... Read More

The Impact Of Alcohol On Families

Alcoholism is something that has a deep impact on many levels for a family. As with any illness, the whole family feels the impact of the person who is doing the drinking. The pain we feel deeply that we cannot shift this person out of their drinking, causes deep sadness and hopelessness. We may even fear the person who is doing the drinking... Read More

Blaming Others For Our Pain

Have you ever actually stopped and looked at the people you really like that are in your life? There is a sense of yourself in them that mirrors back at you. It feels familiar, it feels safe, it feels great. The same happens with people who intensely irritate us, make us feel angry or rub us up the wrong way... Read More

Can We Achieve Happiness?

Can it be achieved or are we doomed to chase the illusive carrot of happiness forever more? Doesn't it seem ludicrous that lasting authentic happiness can be perceived as a mere philosophical ideal rather than an attainable and achievable goal? I suppose each answer brings yet more questions... Read More

Can Your Physiology Change Your Mood?

Is it possible to change your mood and possibly even your behavior by your body language? If this is possible, then your mind can be affected and redirected by how you physically present yourself. This is an incredibly amazing idea and something we should all be coached on... Read More

Carrying Our Money Baggage

Its the kind of money baggage that you DONT want to carry. Its the one the weighs you down, that dominates your money making/spending habits and the one that can wedge a gap in your relationships. This bit of baggage is filled with your all your parents, guardians, teachers, friends and relatives money problem stuff. It is filled with limited values and beliefs about money... Read More

Chakras & Chakra Clearing

We are made up of light frequency. Beings of light. If you shine light through a prism you will find that the light divides into an array of beautiful colours, consisting of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. These colours perfectly match up with our chakras and their corresponding colours... Read More

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra or Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head. This beautiful white chakra is represented by a one thousand petal lotus flower that opens upwards to the sky and embraces all higher awareness. It is the bridge between you and the divine essence of all that is. Your highest potential as a spiritual being can be reached... Read More

Don't Be A Zombie - The Importance Of Self-Awareness

The "busy-ness" of the twentieth century has to led to a society that shuts out everything, even the important stuff. We are no more present, but lost in the noise of our minds. Gone are the days where we take the time to smell the roses because there is always something else more important to attend to... Read More

Don't Be Shy. Find Your Voice

You have the ability to change so much. You can greatly influence not only your life, but the lives of many others if you just allow your voice to be heard. There is a unique strength inside you that can forge a path to greatness, but you must first realize for yourself and understand that it's there... Read More

What is Energy Healing?

Our bodies are made up of physical and energetic matter. Often times we can get stuck with old stagnant energy in the form of illness, patterns, behaviours, beliefs, lack of change or movement and a myriad of other reasons. When we are stagnant, energy cannot move and we feel down, negative... Read More

External Communication - Mastery Of People Skills

If internal communication is how you view yourself, then external communication is how outside world views you. If you require any form of success, whether it's relationship, business, finance or friendship, a Life Coach will help you to understand how your communication technique affects those around you... Read More

Goals Move You Forward

When a ships rudder to broken the ship will not move in it's desired direction no matter how hard you try. The rudder ensures that the ship gets to it's destination. Like a ship that needs its rudder, so we need goals to give direction in our lives... Read More

Coping with Grief and Loss

Losing somebody within your family, a close friend or pet is shattering. The rawness of the loss hurts deep within. The utter shock and disbelief can keep us feeling like we are somehow in a dream and it is all surreal. The finality of it all is too much to bear. It almost appears that time needs to stand still in order to just sit and be and let it all come out... Read More

Here's How You Can Beat Anger

A car cuts you off and you boil with anger. You cut yourself and you throw the knife across the room, making everyone duck for cover. Does it seem like the smallest thing can drive you nuts? Are you tired of lacking the ability to control your anger?.. Read More

The Heart Chakra

The Anahata or Heart chakra, located in the centre of your chest is represented by air and is the heart beat of the universe. Life, like the heart cannot exist without a harmonic rhythm or sound and electric energy. The heart, as so well known in western culture is the symbol of love. Love for self and others is the driving force of compassion, understanding and unity... Read More

Honest Money Communication

Talking money can be a hot topic in families. By hot, I mean volatile. It is a subject that can create tension and unease if not handled correctly. Most people not only don't how to manage money correctly, but further, are not educated on how to communicate effectively about their money concerns to their family and loved ones... Read More

How Do I Find Healing?

Ultimately it is up to you. We are always making the choice consciously or subconsciously on how we would like to change or remain the same. If we are willing to always look within, the answers are all there, the release can cause immense pain at first having to shift through it all but ultimately balance is waiting on the other side... Read More

How To Beat Procrastination

Never mind trying to beat procrastination, more like why do we do it in the first place? We usually begin the process of procrastination by knowing that we have a goal or something that must be achieved within a certain time period... Read More

How To Say Sorry In Your Relationship

That's all it takes to have a successful relationship. You will realize that you are in this relationship for the long term so your thinking about what you do should be based on long term happiness. If you know that you have done wrong to your partner, all it takes is for you to say sorry and listen to your partner's point of view on the matter... Read More

I Am Too Hard On Myself

Everyone loves a good ol' action hero movie where the baddies get the boot and the good guy gets the girl. We thrive on the hero winning at the end of the day. Why do we feel so close to this affinity of a hero and his/her heroics? Why do we always want the good guy to win?... Read More

Internal Communication - Mastery Of Self

You may not appreciate it's value, but we learn that communication is a core part of our daily lives, our romantic relationships, our success and even our mental and emotional states... Read More

Money - A Taboo Subject

It would be fairly difficult to imagine a world without money. Yet, money has not always been around. Its exponential growth and acceptance has only been due to its powerful emotional connection to our deepest fears and our deepest hopes. These fears and hopes are ingrained into the very fabric of modern society... Read More

No Choice But To Keep Going

When times are great, life can feel like a beautiful dream with endless joy, excitement and possibilities. Music is more rhythmic, colours are more vivid and the world feels more inviting. You are in the flow of life where creativity and happiness work harmoniously together to create a sense of bliss and peace-of-mind... Read More