I just wanted to say that I prayed about what we worked through in the session and the next morning, the person concerned removed himself from my life! I’m so content and steady in my own space and happy that I have worked through this as now I don’t live with the what if...
Just wanted to share with you my progress. Thank you so much for making me stronger. You’re incredible Kim ✨

Hi Kim. Just to let you know that last night was the first time in a long time that I did not struggle to sleep. I slept for 8 hours straight! Thank you!

Hi Kim. Thanks again for the magical session today. You have a beautiful soul and a real gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.

What an incredible journey of transformation it has been. Kim, you are truly gifted in your intuitive ability and your knowledge of Kinesiology to guide and coach with ease and grace. Your gentle, warm and beautiful energy made me feel comfortable to be myself, without feeling judged. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is wanting to gain more insight into themselves; and to release the blocks that are keeping them from living the amazing life they were destined to.

As I read my gratitude notes from 2017 you featured quite a bit. You have been such a delight to work with... and I have no words really to describe how I feel after your sessions. You are incredible at what you do and supportive -- it's so beautiful. Thank you for being excellent and through your work helping me and others on a daily basis become excellent ourselves... at compassion, self discovery, love, healing, growth -- really all the things that matter most in life.
Kemantha G

My journey with Kim has been extraordinary! Everytime I see her a new layer is discovered and each session is more mindblowing then the one before. I have understood and got to know areas of myself that I had not realized the influence and power they had in my everyday choices. Working with Kim lifts my energy to a beautiful level and leaves me feeling light and enthusiastic. I am forever grateful for her loving way and insights into my path.
Mena B

Kim is one of the most compassionate coaches and healers I've ever come across. I could not have done the intensive work required this year without her assistance, her insight, and lots of hand-holding. Please book a session with Kim especially if you're dealing with any latent trauma, or if you need a compassionate witness to your emotional pain. She is exceptional. And an empath through and through. xx
Kelley T

I have been sick for many years and Kim has gently and expertly led me to new understandings of my emotions and their impact on my life. What an extraordinary journey! Kim is amazing, I highly recommend her.
Claudia E

SO much exciting stuff happening sine the sessions. I’ve been inundated with freelance work which has been fun & a huge learning curve. On the same day in Oct I applied for 2 jobs in Cape Town. I got called for final interviews for both & flew down. Both offered me positions! Amazing package (Joburg salary, flexihours 9-3, I can keep my clients & benefits, & start date of 1 Feb). We are leaving JHB on the 9th of Jan!
Natalie T

Kim has a remarkable gift. I began my journey with her when she was recommended for my son with Autism. Their sessions were a joy and enlightening to watch. She has subsequently worked with me and my children through a tough time of transition. I can’t explain what happens in a session, I can only say that you do see and feel the benefits.
Marisa S

Kim is gifted, highly professional and does incredible work. I have benefited immensely on many occasions repairing my system/body. Extremely good listener, patient and provides excellent service. I will always go to Kim for energy healing, some guidance and coaching.
Mike F

Kim is an energy healer who has this innate gift of being able to heal and empower her clients at the same time. Her practice is filled with love, a deep inner wisdom, integrity and grace. Kinesiology was (and still is) a very powerful healing modality for me personally. A case in point is that I was able to give up smoking. I had not smoked since my 20s but had started again following the breakdown of my marriage. I have not smoked nor touched a cigarette for a year now. The most surreal part for me was that I have not had ONE craving since that day. This was further proof to me of the power of Kinesiology and Energy Healing. If you are leaning towards a more holistic way of healing - I would highly recommend you booking with Kim to see if this modality connects with you too.
Caroline P

Kim has been unbelievable in assisting me with the changes that I've wanted to make in all spheres of my life. I feel like a brand new person !!! Further to the personal changes that have been made, Kim was instrumental in assisting my energy levels to improve my career and personal opportunities - I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kim to anyone that is looking to make serious and meaningful improvements in their lives.
Namaste. Tim K

Kim is an absolute God send ! Kim is able to identify and correct issues you are facing in life .. her kinesiology sessions are so revitalizing... attention to detail and accurate , a gentle nature , a genuine heart and a beautiful soul ♥️ I don’t know where I would be without her constant Guide . Kim ... you are absolutely amazing
Kirsty J

Kim has helped me overcome so many obstacles and fears some I wasn't even aware of. One of the best things that have come out of this journey is that my mom has also started her healing and she says people around her say she is calmer and happier. Thank you so much my sister!!
Sine K

Kim is my Dr Feel Good ... My Soul Doctor
Angela D

I had always wondered what past life regression would be like, who I would be, what would it unlock? Would I regret knowing. On a spur-of-the-moment request, in a session, Kim guided me ‘in’. It didn’t feel foreign, but a sense of home, in Victorian era. In my current life I have been struggling with self-abhorrence for many years since childhood, and feeling lost...but in this past life I felt what it felt like to think I was delightful, I thought I was beautiful, worthy, even the animals loved me and followed me about in the garden. Some cute little blue birds were following me and chirping excitedly, I didn’t take much notice until Kim asked me to tell her what they were saying. So I stopped to listen. They were telling me that my purpose in this life is simply to be me, as I am, because this was true beauty. My heart pained as I felt the acceptance of my purpose, I cried with relief- that it’s so simple and already in me, pre-ordained...I don’t have to fight and bleed to get it, I just have to allow ‘me’. Concurrently in my this life, I had an illustration exam for college that was due, the theme I chose was blue peacock feathers which I’d already started but hit a ‘block’. At home after letting out a massive sob, I prayed for help and had sudden inspiration...one of the fastest and most magnificent artworks I’ve done yet, with blue peacock feathers bringing life to a little girl’s war-torn face. When I told Kim about my project, she told me the meaning of peacock feathers “Shine your beauty girl!”...

Animal Kinesiology Testimonials

" just wanted to say another BIG thank you ... last night was our first thunder storm since the Molly session and she was so much better, she only paced once and growled and barked twice it was amazing.... even Jimmy is amazed. I deem you the #dogwhisperer" ❤💙
Angela D

"Our cat Nala started behaving strangely after she had a traumatic experience. She was afraid and nervous all the time, she did not feel safe in her own home and used to disappear at night to sleep at the neighbour's house. She didn't trust anyone and no longer enjoyed her favourite foods. She lost a lot of weight and I felt helpless as I watched her fade away. Physically she was healing but her personality had changed. I had one session with Kim where I acted as a surrogate for Nala and Kim was able to communicate with her. Kim is compassionate and genuinely cared about helping Nala. She worked selflessly with Nala to discover what was causing her unhappiness and she then began the healing work. I noticed a change in Nala from the very next day and today she has gone from strength to strength. Nala has re-gained the weight she lost and she is much more confident now that she ever has been. She looks beautiful and happy again. Thank you Kim for the amazing work that you do!"

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